Best Event and Wedding Planning App

eVWe Planner is the leading Wedding and Event Planning App available on the Android Market. It helps Wedding and Event Planners as well as Brides and Grooms to stay on top of organising their wedding or any other event such as Conferences, Coorporate Meetings, Parties or Events, Marketing and Promotional Events, Bridal Fairs, Markets Exibition or any Project that requires a larger number of suppliers a budget and a detailed project schedule.

eVWe Planner consists of 6 modules that are integrated with each other to make the work of the planner and organiser easier. For wedding planning you need a Todolist, Suppliers a budget, managmeent of Guests and payments.

Todo Lists

The App supports a number of different event types that are different in details of activities required but also have different Budget requirements. eVWe Planner has ready made templates for these events that you can use out of the box or can customise to your own need.


On larger events such as a wedding a conference or trade show financial control is absolutely paramount to success. eVWE Planner takes the hassle out of managing your finances. All you have to do is set your available funds and the tool will manage the financial details once you enter your different arrangements with suppliers and record the products that you purchased. Easy and hassle free.


Managing your supplier relationships is at the heart of the eVWe Planner. The tool allows you to enter minimal information for the supplier. All you need to enter is the name of the supplier. Add a product or service including the agreed price and quantity and of you go. Once you shortlist the product the budget will be updated with the minimum shortlist amount as well as the maximum.


Once the product is booked you can record payments against the product which also updates the Budget Sheet automatically. This way you are always on top of your event preparation.

Event or Wedding Budgeting is a breeze with eVWe Planner.


The Guest module allows you to import contacts from the device contact database. The tools uses a 3 step paradigm. Step 1 is that you identify all people that should be invited in a initial Guestlist. Once the you understand your budget constraints or the capacity of your venue you can refine this list to an invitation list. Finally you can record RSVPs and create the final list for your venue and the catering.


The placement module allows you to create different allocations of invited guests into groups or allocate them to a location. This can be used for seating plans, accommodation arrangements, transportation, team allocation or other groupings that might be required.

You can create independent groupings of invited Guests for whatever reason.

eVWe Planner is a very flexible tool that allows simple and easy planning and organisation of any larger events. Being avaialbe on Andoird phones as well as tablets the tool can always be with you which gives you all information at your fingertips at all times.

eVWe Planner vs eVWE Planner Lite can be found on the Google Play Market. The lite version is a fully functional trial version that can be used within its storage limits.

Download eVWE Planner now for less then price of a cup of coffee. Press here to download.